Expanding Commodity Derivatives Goods List

Expanding Commodity Derivatives Goods List

Brief Overview:

1) List of commodities as regards derivatives trading on exchanges in India has been expanded.

2) The new list of goods has additional 13 goods and 5 metals (including alloys).

3) Some interesting additions are cement, weather and some metals (i.e. Manganese, Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys, Copper and Copper Alloys, Lead and Lead Alloys, Nickel and Nickel Alloys and Zinc and Zinc Alloys).

4) This notification directs all recognized stock exchanges and clearing corporations with a commodity derivatives segment to take necessary changes for implementation of the same.

Technical Details:

1) The notification is an enabling provision which implies that soon trading will be introduced.

2) Weather has been included in the list.

3) With this notification the number of goods in which derivatives can be traded on exchanges has been increased to 104 from 91.

JC Takeaways:

1) Market intermediaries, such as stock exchanges and clearing corporations can soon be expected to launch suitable infrastructure to facilitate the same.

2) Allowing the introduction of weather derivatives is interesting though there may be some hurdles to be jumped.

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